Kooth Intro



Kooth Design is what happens when a designer can’t decide on what to specialise in! 

The product of a broad interest in design, transport and architecture, with the application of new and old manufacturing techniques.

Kooth design is proud to have worked on projects in a variety of different industries, Transport, Product, Interior and furniture to name a few.

The enjoyment of acquiring new skills and learning new disciplines drives me out of my comfort zone, into new and exciting areas of design and manufacture.

Visualisation is an integral part of the design process and can be used to ensure customer satisfaction during product development and useful material for promotion long before product release.

Kooth design offers a range of visualisation services – hand sketched artwork, Photo manipulation and 3D model rendering – or combinations of all. 

Manufacture is the downfall of may a beautiful concept!  With a broad knowledge of prototyping and manufacturing techniques, Kooth design strives to bring your original concept to market, not a diluted compromise.

With a range of in house prototyping equipment available, one off or limited production runs are no problem.  If your design requires more then Kooth can offer,  then technical drawings and 3D files can be supplied to realise your concepts.  Kooth can manage the process so that you get the desired end product.

If you have a project you think Kooth design can help with, do not hesitate to get in touch!

email: enquiries@koothdesign.com

tel: 07813 022 698